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The French Mobile Biometric Solution

You can now apply for a French Schengen visa from the comfort of your office, thanks to our French Mobile Biometric Solution. As part of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ new initiative,

Capago International can now come to you! Enjoy the luxury of maintaining your daily routine, while Capago International takes care of your visa application.

How to apply for your Schengen visa ?

You will find the four main steps to prepare and apply for your French visa below.

Do you need a visa ?

You must first verify whether you need a Schengen visa or not to travel. This depends on your nationality and on the purpose of your visit. You will find all the information you need here to determine the above.

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Prepare your visa application

Once you know that you need a Schengen visa you will have to start preparing the application. In this section you will find out about where, when and how to apply for the visa as well as the costs and time involved.

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Book your appointment

Once you have gathered all the required documents and you are ready to submit your visa file application, you must present yourself at one of our offices to lodge your application and get your biometric data collected. You need to book an appointment to do this.

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Collect your passport

Once the application is processed and returned by the French Consulate you will have to collect your passport at Capago. You will find information on how, where and when to collect your passport here.

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Capago, the official French visa application centers in South Africa

Capago South Africa has been accorded the status of approved intermediary and given the mandate by the French Consulates in South Africa (i.e. the French Consulate of Johannesburg and the French Consulate of Cape Town), to handle and process all documentation pertaining to Schengen visa applications, for persons of South African nationality and legal residents of South Africa, wishing to visit or enter French territory.