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Step 4 :


At this step you will find information on how, where and when collect your passport.

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Collection Information :

You can collect your passport at our premises after you've received a mail of confirmation stating: "Returned from the Consulate". If you have not received this notification it means that your passport is not yet back from the Consulate. In the meantime you can contact us if you have any query.

Collection is on weekdays strictly, from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm only and your passport will be returned to the branch where you applied.

You will need to bring a proof of identification (SA ID or Driver’s License) for us to hand you back your passport.

Please note that your passport comes sealed in an envelope and that you or your appointed representative are the only entities allowed to open this envelope. Our staff is not allowed to open the envelope in any event.

If someone else is collecting the documents on your behalf, he will have to produce:

  • A copy of the applicant's ID (SA ID or driver's license)
  • A completed Third Party Collection form signed by the applicant (if applicant is a minor, proof of relationship)
  • A copy of the collector's ID

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Capago offers efficient and convenient delivery through our shipping partner PostNet at a PostNet branch nearest to you for your convenience once the passport has been returned by the Consulate.

Check our delivery prices

If you decide to opt for the delivery service after submission of application, we will gladly assist you, just get in touch with our Contact Centre and we will arrange for passport delivery through our shipping partners.

If you have selected the passport delivery service, once your passport has been shipped you will receive an email with a tracking number which you can use to track your passport online.

To track your passport visit :

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Visa Information :

Once you will have received your visa you might be wondering how to read it. Here is some information you might want to check:

  • Valid for :
    • Territories where the visa is valid If the words “SCHENGEN COUNTRIES” appear on your visa, you are authorized to enter the Schengen area (France, as well as Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic);
    • If codes for Schengen countries appear, then the visa is only valid for the countries they refer to: A (Austria), B (Belgium), CH (Switzerland), CZE (Czech Republic), D (Germany), DK (Denmark), E (Spain), EST (Estonia), F (France), FIN (Finland), GR (Greece), H (Hungary), I (Italy), IS (Iceland), L (Luxembourg), LT (Lithuania), LVA (Latvia), M (Malta), N (Norway), NL (Netherlands), P (Portugal), PL (Poland), S (Sweden), SK (Slovakia), SVN (Slovenia);
    • If the words “SCHENGEN COUNTRIES” appear, followed by a minus sign in brackets and the codes of certain member countries, then the visa is valid for the entire Schengen area except for the country(ies) that is(are) mentioned;
    • If the words “FRANCE + ONE SCHENGEN TRANSIT” appear, the visa authorizes you to transit through only one Schengen country in order to reach France;
    • If the word “FRANCE” appears, the visa authorizes entry only into French territory;
    • If the words “OVERSEAS DEPARTMENT (FRANCE)” appear, the visa only authorizes you to enter the Department(s) specified under the heading “Remarks.”
  • From :

    Date on which you are authorized to enter the Schengen area

  • To :

    Date on which you must leave the Schengen area. Consequently, these two dates indicate the period during which your visa is valid (and not the length of the authorized stay).

  • Type of visa :
    • Either “A”: Airport transit visa (this visa does not allow you to leave the “international” zone or the “customs” zone of the airport)
    • Either “C”: A short-stay visa (a stay of less than 90 days)
    • Either “D”: Long-stay visa (a stay in France of more than three months)
  • Number of entries:

    Length of stay : The number of days you are authorized to stay in the Schengen area (i.e. in accordance with the validity period of your visa). If the Consulate issued a circulation visa (one year or more), the number specified is “90 days". This means you are authorized to stay a maximum of 90 days per six-month period.

    • Either “MULT,” which means you may enter the Schengen area an unlimited number of times
    • Either “1,” which means you may enter the Schengen area only onc)
    • Either “2,” which means you may enter the Schengen area twice
  • Issued at :

    Place where the visa was issued

  • Passport number :

    Your passport number

  • Surname, Given name :

    The surname and the given name of the visa holder