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22/08/2017 | News from the French Consulate

The French Mobile Biometric Solution

You can now apply for a French Schengen visa from the comfort of your office, thanks to our French Mobile Biometric Solution. As part of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ new initiative, Capago International can now come to you! Enjoy the luxury of maintaining your daily routine, while Capago International takes care of your visa application.

Individuals, families and groups can now have one of our dedicated Capago teams visit a school or office of your choice to process both biometric data and your visa application itself. Though visiting one of Capago's three visa processing centres in South Africa is always an effective and efficient experience, you won't have to! Once your visa has been issued by the French Consulate General in Johannesburg, Capago International will have your passport delivered to a Postnet office of your choice.

Service Fees:

  • 1 applicant: 250 Euros
  • 2 to 4 applicants: 185 Euros / person
  • More than 5 applicants: 150 Euros / person
  • School Groups: 600 Rands / person

Please take note of the following terms and conditions:

  • This service is optional, and the prices reflected above do not include visa processing and other service fees.
  • The official exchange rate communicated by the French Consulate General will be applied on the date of your appointment. This can be checked on the French Finance Department Website.
  • This service offers convenience, but will not in any case speed up your visa application process.
  • This service does not guarantee the granting of your visa by the Consulate General in Johannesburg.
  • All appointment locations must be within a 150km radius of Sandton, Gauteng.
  • Appointments can only take place at schools and offices. We are not able to visit personal homes.
  • All visa documentation must have been prepared and validated prior to the booking of this service.

For more information about this service, or to book an appointment, please contact our contact centre