Refund Policy

A full refund of Capago’s Service Fee is generally not possible once payment of the fee has been made. The service fee is due as soon as the appointment is booked and will trigger Capago service to start. Therefore Capago Service is deemed “consumed” as soon as it is paid for by the travelers.

An applicant can reschedule or cancel the appointment up to 72 hrs before the time of the appointment. When the applicant has canceled the appointment he will have the possibility to get a new appointment time by contacting Capago. Cancellation of an appointment online doesn’t qualify the applicant for a refund. It only allows the applicant to take more time before requesting a new appointment date.

On the day of the appointment an applicant can decide to withdraw his application. In such a case and in this only specific case the applicant can request a refund for the full amounts paid to Capago, except for the additional services which have been used (Platinum Service, ID photo, Printing).

No refund will be made for applicants who have made multiple bookings for the same traveler, not canceled or updated their appointment in due time.

Eligible refunds require a maximum of 20 calendar days from the date of refund request, excluding public holidays, to be processed and no refunds will be processed after 6 months from the date of becoming eligible for such refunds ( i.e. from when payment is made.)

You can contact us at for questions related to refunds.