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Information on post Covid19 operations.

For applicants residing in SOUTH AFRICA :

Only the following categories of travellers can lodge a visa application file:

  • French citizen, and their spouse (married, civil union or cohabiting partner) and their children;
  • Citizen of the European Union or equivalent, and their spouse (married, civil union or cohabiting partner) and their children, whose main residence is in France;
  • Citizen of a third country who is a holder of a valid French or European residence permit or long-stay visa, who has their main residence in France (valid only if the travel abroad took place prior to 31 January 2021 or was justified by a compelling reason);
  • Citizen of a third country holding a long-stay visa issued for the purpose of family reunion or reunification of refugee families, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection and stateless persons;
  • Land, sea and air transport sector workers or transport service providers, including drivers of vehicles carrying goods intended for use in the territory, as well as those who are only in transit, or travelling as passengers returning to their home base or for training purposes;
  • Foreign citizen working in a diplomatic or consular mission, or an international organisation with headquarters or an office in France, as well as their partner and their children;
  • Traveller in transit in the international zone for less than 24 hours.
  • Long stay study visa : Capago can receive the applications and the consulate can start the process but they can not issue the visa immediately. If needed, the applicant can take back the passport during the process and bring it back when the consulate is ready to stamp the visa.

For any others informations, please check our COVID FAQ

Only Johannesburg and Cape Town centers are open for now.

All Capago centres are implementing precautionary measures for the prevention of COVID-19, as per the guidelines prescribed by the World Health Organisation and local authorities. Rest assured that Capago's topmost priority is to guarantee the safety of both its visitors and its staff.

The resumption of our activities includes strict sanitary measures:

  • Capago is open on Monday and Thursday;
  • Only applicant with an appointment will have access to the center;
  • Please respect your appointment time. 10 minutes tolerance will be applied on delays;
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory;
  • Mandatory body temperature screening;
  • Mandatory hand washing at the entrance of the centre;
  • Respect social distancing with others, minimize close contacts;
  • Respect the one-way traffic indication;

Appointments booking is available on our website and the France-visas site is open for application.

We would like to thank you for your confidence and remain available via chat and emails to answer your questions

Data Privacy Notice

You are about to book an appointment and provide us with some personal data. Capago handles your personal data in full respect of the applicable laws and especially according to the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") approved by the EU Parliament and applicable since 25th of May 2018.

Since we store your data in data centres located within the European Union, you have the right under the "GDPR", to request rectification, erasure, portability and access to your personal data from us.

We have explained in detail what data we collect and how we use it in our privacy policy. Please read it carefully before you proceed to book your appointment.


  • Enter your France-Visas Reference Number (Starting by FRA)

Travel Date

Please note that:

  • For Schengen Short Stay Visa, you can apply 6 months in advance
  • For Long Stay Visa, you can apply 3 months in advance


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